What if every time someone hurts you, you help another person back? It’s no easy task to forget a wrong but responses can be trained. A lot of times the deepest thoughts which are lost to us control our impulses.

Revenge is like a person who wants to trip over his sworn enemy while a knife is sticking out through his gut.

My problem with revenge is that it severely narrows my view of the world every time I contemplate upon it. Somehow, the more focused we are on hurting other people, the more we wound our own fragile hearts. We start to become insensitive toward those who really love us. Feeling bad is contagious.

What if you focus on improving who you are as a person? Right, everyone is telling us to be ourselves. What if this self we are told to be is not the best self we can become? I just feel that it’s a cheat to escape the pain.

Choosing to be stuck is the worst form of self-punishment.

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